Marianne M. Haynes, MS

Marianne has mediated for over 15 years and is an Advanced Practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  She is  past president of the NC Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  She is a member of the North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators.  She has been certified by NC DRC as a Family Financial Settlement Mediator and Adult Guardianship/Family Caregiver Mediator. She has mediated for the US Postal Service REDRESS, ADA and EEO disputes. Marianne contracts with the NC Dept.of Public Instruction to perform special education mediations and facilitations.  She has mediated for family court, district court, small claims court and employment cases.

Marianne trained as a Parenting Coordinator with the Center for Cooperative Parenting, Raleigh, NC.

She continues to take part in professional opportunities to remain up to date in Mediation, Facilitation, Parenting Coordination and related areas. She has a Masters Degree from Chapman University and a BA from SUNY Postdam.




Marianne Haynes